3 Strategies For Recording Long-Form DSLR Productions
It is doable, but it’s most certainly not simple to record cinematic, long-form productions with DSLR cameras.
It was who invented the digital single-lens reflex camera) about his decision, I can pretty much guarantee he would not mention long-form video recording as one of his main goals if we could go back in time and speak with Joe DSLR (or whoever.
DSLRs (and lots of other mirrorless and digital camera models) are marvels of movie capture technology, but they’re not necessarily designed to record for very long durations at a time. For many long-form requirements, you’ll need certainly to search for cheaper camcorder choices or a couple of higher-end choices.
But, for all those trying to make use of their trusty prosumers ( like a Canon 5D or comparable) to record long-form content, here are some methods to deceive ol’ Joe DSLR into assisting you finish the same job.
1. Maximize Tracking Capabilities
If you’re acquainted with Canon DSLRs, you might assume that the maximum recording capabilities for the digital camera are 30 minutes (or 25 mins and 59 seconds) if you glance at your manual. […]